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Fav saying of the month.. O boy now what!
Fav song of the month!
Dirt Off Your Shoulder Now tuned in to the muthafuckin' greatest
Turn the music up in the headphones Tim you can go on, brush your shoulders off nigga, I got you
If you feeling like a pimp nigga, go on, brush your shoulders off Ladies is pimps too, go on, brush your shoulders off Niggas is crazy baby, don't forget that boy told you, get that dirt off your shoulders
I probably owe it to y'all probably be locked by the force Tryin to hustle some things that go with the porsch Feeling no remorse feeling like my hand was forced middle finger to the Law nigga, gripping my balls Stab the ladies they love me, from the bleachers they screaming all the ballers is bouncing they like the way I be leanin' all the rappers be hatin' off the track that I'm makin' but all the hustlers, they love it just to see one of us make it came from the bottom of bottom to the top of the pops nigga "LONDON" Japan and I'm straight up the block like a running back, get it man I'm straight off the block I could run it back nigga cuz I'm straight with the ROC (Chorus) If you feeling like a pimp nigga, go on, brush your shoulders off Ladies is pimps too, go on, brush your shoulders off Niggas is crazy baby, don't forget that boy told you, get that dirt off your shoulders (4x) You gotta get that dirt off your shoulders (4x) Ya homie holdin' position in the kitchen with soda i just whipped up a watch tryin to get me a rover tryin to stretch out the coka like a wrestler, yes sir keep the heckler close you know them smokers'll test ya but like, 52 cards went out im through dealing now 52 bars come out now you feel 'em now 52 cars roll out remove ceiling in case 52 broads come out now you chillin with a boss bitch of course, SC on the sleeve at the forty-forty club ESPN on the screen I paid a grip for the jeans plus the slippers is clean no chrome on the wheels I'm a grown up for real G (Chorus) Boy, back in the building Brooklyn we back on the map me and my beautiful bitch in the back of that back i'm the realist to run it I just happen to rap I ain't gotta clap at 'em Niggas scared of that black I drop that black album then i back out it that's the best rapper alive nigga, ask about me from bricks to billboards from grams to grammys to O's to opposite off of any you gotta pardon Jay for selling out the garden in the day I'm like a young Marvin in his hay I'm a hustler homie you a customer cronie got some dirt on my shoulder could you brush it off for me? (Chorus) Now tuned into the muthafuckin' greatest Best rapper alive (2x)

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Monday, April 12, 2004
The Week

So the week started out pretty well acually!!! then we went to YEC got even better met some hotties lol! got a hat form some guy! came home on sat and i was sick:(... o well sun i was better but i was still not feeling to well... got a easter basket and some other kool stuff! went on a easter egg hunt (yes we still do that lol) (we gte money!!!)
 And Now for the FAV person of the WEEk......
it is
WHittney!!! yeah
ur soo cute whit lol love ya!

Posted at 4/12/2004 3:11:14 pm by schneikybabe
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Wednesday, March 31, 2004
some songs that i like!!!

whiskey lullaby:
He put that bottle to his head and pulled the trigger
And finally drank away her memory
Life is short but this time it was bigger
Than the strength he had to get up off his knees
We found him with his face down in the pillow
With a note that said I'll love her till I die
And when we buried him beneath the willow
The angels sang a whiskey lullaby

dear penis:
Dear penis, I don't think I like you anymore. You used to watch me shave. Now all you do is stare at the floor. Oh, dear penis I don't like you anymore. It used to be you and me, a paper towel, and a dirty magazine, That's all we needed to get by. Now it seems things have changed, I think that you're the one to blame. Dear penis, I don't like you anymore.
Now he sings.
Dear Rodney, I don't think I like you anymore. 'cause when you get to drinkin', you put me places I've never been before. Dear Rodney, I don't like you anymore. Why can't we just get a grip on our man-to-hand relationship. And come to terms with truly how we feel. If we put our heads together, we'd just stay home forever.
Dear penis, I think I like you afterall.
Oh and Rodney, while you are shavin', shave my balls.

beer run:
Twenty-five minutes past quitting time
Seven of us crammed into that truck of mine
Paying no attention to them highway signs
Doing ninety miles an hour toward the county line
Quick sack, twelve pack, back again
It's a B-double E-double are you in?
My buddies and their babies letting down their hair
As long as we're together it don't matter where
Ain't got a lot of money but we just don't care
Knowing half the fun is in the getting there
Aztec, long necks, paychecks spent
Oh, It's a B-double E-double are you in? 
i can't stop thinking
What the hell they were drinking
When they made this county dry
I got a week-long thirst
And to make it worse
Lord, it's my turn to drive
Laughing and bragging and a' carrying on
We loaded up the wagons and we headed home
I guess half a dozen cases doesn't last that long
Come tomorrow morning it'll be all gone
Then, it's turn around, leave town, sounds again
Like a B-double E-double are you in?

Posted at 3/31/2004 5:12:56 pm by schneikybabe
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Sunday, February 22, 2004
fave person of the week!

and the winner is.....

Posted at 2/22/2004 11:22:27 am by schneikybabe
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my great...

ok well this week, well was long and boring... kinda!! well first of all on fir and sat i spent alllll day at Darby High School for wrestling!! good job donny trace and johnnie!!! donnie got first go u!! after that jamie jen and i went out and partyed up!! lol!! and my wood floor in my room is getting put down and im excited! lol thats really all for right nwo i'll ttyl!!

Posted at 2/22/2004 11:21:27 am by schneikybabe
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Monday, February 09, 2004
fave perosn!

fav perosn of the week!! drum roll please!!!! and the winner is....

Posted at 2/9/2004 6:24:25 pm by schneikybabe
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i have one word for u.... it sucked...... when i was with my girls i ahd a blast!! but then bob got all up set like kiel would say " im bob my life sucks , ugh." lol.... dinner was fun and after the dance we all came bakc to my house!!! that was a lot of fun( bob wasnt their) we watched a movie!! and the girls slept over!!! nick asked molly out and they are so cute! meghan mounted nick ring on the floor and we are making fun of her as well! dee and kurt well let just say under my blanket ont he couch and lots of spit!!! thanks guys lol!!! kristin and i were by out selves so we decided to each tohers dates!!! yeah!! when we woke up we had chocolate chip pancakes yummm!!! and thats about it folks ttyl bye bye!

Posted at 2/9/2004 6:23:19 pm by schneikybabe
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Friday, February 06, 2004
fav person of the week!!

dRUm RolL pLeAsE!!!!!
aNd tHe WiNNeR is.....

Posted at 2/6/2004 7:07:29 pm by schneikybabe
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sweethearts one day left!!!

!!!! im so excited!!! its 9:48 om and tomorrow is sweethearts!! its the big 10 of us!!! bob&me ,kristin&brandon, kurt&dee. molly&nick, and last but not least meghan&nick!!! were excited!! going to PF changs for dinner(person fucker changs )(LOL)(it really does stand for that, well i think it does!!)(LOL) ok anywho back to this topic!! go to dance next and party then to after party!! yeah man!!!the girls are sleppin ova!!! and the guys well who knows lol!! this week wasnt too bad i was sick on monday didnt miss much! not to bad either (i really wasnt sick i just told my mom that lol) well i ahd to test today i dont knwo how i did hope i did good but who knows! listening to MJ right now!! rock on man!! well tori got second in one of her simming matches today!s o go for her!! yeha we love tori!!! kristin and i after working out went to the mall and got our nails done!!! they look amazing dude!! i got a full set put on and she just got a manicure!! and that looks good!! we look hott man!! i get my hair done at 1:30 kool huh!! meghan is comming after she get her nails done tomorrow next door!!! yeah well thats all g2g byebye leave one!

Posted at 2/6/2004 6:59:51 pm by schneikybabe
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Tuesday, January 27, 2004
fav person of the week!

drum roll please......
and the winner is

Posted at 1/27/2004 2:55:08 pm by schneikybabe
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hey guys whats up??? this day has been fun!!! no really it has!! i have been really happy go lucky!!! first i get up at like 6:30 and i get to skool at like 7:10!!! ok fun huh!!! i forget my lunch money lol and tori isnt at skool.... i've been trying to avoid SENSOR but some ppl are not helping and making it harder. i talked to kristin and sloved our problem!! yeah!! julie tour came to skool and it was awsome!!! ig ot really hungry and i didnt get to eat!!! i saw SENSOR and got all happy lol and he was wearing a pink shirt it was ment ot be together i tell ya lol!! he is sooo cute!!lol he knows this too lol!!! i went to bio and we got our homeworks bakc and first i had a 101% in the class but then it wnet down to 100% soo im sad lol.... not im soooo happy it was a d- but now i get what we are doing and i got an extra point YEAH!!!! im excited lol!! this kid is soooo annoying that i am talking to lol!! ok thats all for now ttyl bye bye

Posted at 1/27/2004 2:53:43 pm by schneikybabe
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